Dear you,

My name is Olle Lindberg. I'm a retoucher, 3D artist, developer and a fellow human being, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I'm a photographer at heart and I find photography to be a very comprehensive and creative medium. I will never let go of my camera, though after getting into computer graphics and 3D I became fascinated by the possibility of being able to push beyond physical laws, and create any photo imaginable on my computer!
The endless creative possibilities of CG got me hooked and I still today keep evolving my workflow - especially in Photoshop in which I develop scripts to vastly improve workflow speed and competitivity. This grants more time for creative freedom in mine and others work.
I’ve also automated computers on networks to do the Photoshop work. If I’m helping the computers to take over the world - I'm sorry!

Since I have a background in photography, I understand lighting, which has proved to be very useful when working as a 3D artist. I’m comfortable with both CG and retouching, meaning I speak the language to develop an improved Photoshop workflow, especially for CG work. I can be your translator when the team say strange things like "ray tracing" or "proof colour".

Switching between retouching, CGI and the role of developer allows me to continually adapt and evolve to new challenges and techniques in these fields. I thoroughly embrace any creative task thrown at me!

Hit me up if you're interested in anything I do!